The Piano Sanded
We have been doing the detail work of carefully sanding the heavily sun faded wood. Interestingly, although it is very labor intensive, the faded wood is very thin on the surface. It is important to work evenly as to not distort or oversand the surfaces. There is more sanding to do here. Note the upper flowers are still faded as well as the lower left moulding area. Misc. touch up sanding also will be done.
The piano has just been righted after having the bottom stripped, sanded and finished. The outer case is completely sanded. The carving at the keyboard is completely sanded and the natural color of the rosewood is present. At this point and we are ready to mask and begin the application of finish.
A view of the completed case from the treble side.

From here I turned the piano upside down on the floor and refinished the underneath. All unnecessary holes and damage was repaired, filled and colored to match the natural wood. Customers request.