Clamping and Gluing
This clamping used 102 clamps. Yes, I did have to expand my clamp collection for this one. Note that the piano is now suspended off the tble that was once the bottom of the mould. Thius was done to allow for clamping from inderneath.
I did my planning for clamping during the assembly process for the mould/press. Here I am just refining the placement of the clamps. This is not the final gluing stage, but a rehersal for getting the clamps on
Just another view.

I made about 50 felt lined blocks for clamping to protect the piano. The blocks were curved where the piano was curved to better conform and eliminate risk of damage due to very high clamping pressure I was going to use
In this photo I do have the new wood in place. There is no glue yet. Again I am just rehersing and checking my thoughts. As you may know.....glue is final. Too much at risk to rush to glue

I did end up putting sheet metal between the press and the new wood to help disperse the pressure more evenly and to account for any uneveness in the press.

I have maybe 2 more photo's to put here I think are worth seeing. They are a different view of the finished
Another view