Fitting the New Wood and Misc.
There are some things that did not get photographed.

I purchased 4 pieces if 1/8 inch thick by 8' long by 12.5 inches wide mahogany for the sides.
The original was just a little thinner than 1/8 inch. I used a scarf joint to glue 2 pieces together making a panel 16 feet long.

Beginning with the scarf joint at the tail I began clamping, steaming, bending and clamping to make and hold shape as I went. The two biggest challanges were the bending around the tail and then the last bend at the treble. Unlike thin veneer, wood that is 1/8 thick wants to tear and split as it makes a sharp bend. I used the steamer that I built for removing the veneer.

After steaming and bending, I had to let the wood dry while clamped. The wood had to be as dry before glueing or it would split later.

There are many details that come to mind and I will be adding here as I can.