Interesting was the Total destruction of the entire exterior of the case. It is difficult to see in the following photo's that every surface of veneer is loose from the case. Loose so completely that it must ALL be replaced

Easiest to see here is the edge of the fall board showing lifting veneer
This begins to give some perspective for how totally the piano was damaged
It is difficult to see the bulging veneer
Looking down the spine side, I was attempting again to show the veneer lifting. It is hard to see.

The tap test does reveall all the loose areas
The heat of the fire severly damaged the integrity of all the glue. In places that tapped OK, veneer still pealed away easily
It is easy to see the bulges on the stretcher.
When I look at the lyre, I am reminded of "Stop drop and roll" as a child. With so much damage just 2.5 feet above, it is hard to imagine why the lyre was so undamaged.
This view ov the top of the lid is the picture worth a thousand words. the rest of the piano case is just like this
Smoke damage to the interior of the piano and the plate. The piano was closed during the fire.