Veneer Work

Veneer work is necessary more often than people realize. The expansion and contraction of the case "Core" acts to "tear off" the veneer as the piano cycles through winter/summer .. hot/cold ..dry/humid conditions.

Only lifting of the veneer was used here, Where you see only core wood, there was NO attatchment of the veneer.
Veneer is put on in two layers. The first layer, shown in this image as slightly above center, shows the grain of the veneer somewhat horizontal or perpindicular to the core. You can see, at the bottom of the image, the veneer is vertical. You see here the second layer which was applied ofer the first. top in the picture is the core laminations of the case.
An overview of the veneer work. All the surfaces of the arms and the top surfaces of the outer rim had the veneer replaced.
Here you see the top of the outer rim getting the "cross" lamination or "first" layer. Beloow, the arm has been completed.

Off to the left in the photo is the second layer of veneer being prepared for gluing
Beginning view of the arm, showing the layers that make up the case or rim of the piano.
This "Caul" shown under the clamps was custom made for this job. The fit had to be exact to insure the veneer would be tight.
The results.

The finished piece. Two layers of veneer were applied to each "face".