For perspective, these photo's are the same view as the photo's in "As Arrived" The damage to the case and it's parts was considerable, requiring extensive repairs.

The flat consistant look comes from carefull sanding with a wooden block and 100C paper. Step 2 keeps thatsame wooden block and the paper grit changes to 220. Finally, 320 grit paper and a hard felt block is used to remove the 220 scratches.

Some voids are filled with West Systems epoxy mixed with either of two faring fillers. Edges use a denser faring filler. The epoxy with the faring filler will absorb the stain used on the piano, reducing color matching time.
For strength, veneer is put on twice. This helps prevent splitting of the top layer. If you enlarge this picture it is possible to see many places dents and dings have been repaired.
It would be interesting to put these pictures along side the original shots for comparison.