Unfortunatly I did not photograph the plate in it's original condition. It was unusually pitted from casting and poorly finished. As was with the entire piano. it was not the original finish. Wet sanding revealed two layers and two colors of gold.
Here the plate has already recieved 8 hours of extensive wet sanding with 220 and 400 prior to recieving the grey coat of etching primer. The grey etch primer here is one of three top names I tested. The other 2 failed under top coat. This particular brand is not "on the shelf" any more and it was 2 weeks ordering it. 2 weeks only because my supply house changed management and the "new help" is less enthusiastic.

The red filler you see is further repair to the plate which is full of casting pits.
The yellow is a urethane filler that is sprayed on (thank you automotive industry) All of the work on your prior 2 pianos uses these steps and materials.

This filler will recieve extensive sanding and will be top coated with the gold color.
Plate with gold finish.

Just waiting for the Artist to do the lettering.
Don is using the sunlight to see his work