Piano With Finish
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Here is the case, maybe about 19 coats of laquer, rubbed 4 times.

Will be rubbed one more time.

Here is a side to side comparison of the original and then with the new finish. Right not this new view is the finish rubbed with 400 and oil,. The new finish will be polished slightly from here to bring up the luster just a bit.

I have spent deliberate time bringing the edges and corners square with a clean simple break. I prefer the look and think it brings a certain class to the piece.

The section in the upper left hand corner has not been rubbed yet.
Again, this is the finish freshly rubbed with 400 paper and oil. I'll bring up the luster slightly with a slight polish. Just my personal opinion, if it is too high gloss, the light reflects off the surface of the finish. distracting you from the look of the wood. I like the way the satin look balances the piece in a room.