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Service is sometimes difficult to provide in this economy. We are committed to reviewing the value we bring for the resources available. In early 2012, we created a way to lower the price of our basic tuning service 35% while maintaining the commitment to what makes this service of value to you.

It should be fundamental that we remain strictly focused on the creation of services specifically measured for you and driven by your needs. True value is strongest when measured by you.

Most customer needs are fundamental in nature and should be serviced by the appropriate personnel. This keeps the cost reasonable. Occasionally these needs are more complex in nature and require the attention of a more experienced and qualified person. Your time is of value and someone more experienced brings greater perspective, clarity and a much higher level of result to more complex challenges.

Restoration encompasses everything beyond tuning, maintenance, basic and concert preparation. Restoration can be of the action, the strings sound board and pin block, Dampers Pedals, Finish work, any of these or all of these. Specific recommendations and costs are unique to you and your desired results. We encourage dialogue, education and deliberate planning to what ever extent you are willing.

Conservation/Preservation entails recognizing there may be some need for that discussion. We will offer conversation along these lines where ever we feel there may be a need. We encourage anyone interested to ask us if it applies to your circumstances. Keeping an open mind here can introduce you to a broader and more interesting range of acoustic results.

Sales, New and Used. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to work with the importer of truly exceptional German pianos. Today we are a Factory authorized Outlet for German Steinberg Pianos. Over the years we have been approached by many manufactures. We have accepted Steinberg pianos and the opportunity to work with their importer due to their commitment to top quality and service. In addition, there is opportunity to view and play additional makes of extraordinary German Pianos.

Our service and restoration floor space is three times that of sales. We are service. For 40 years.