Bridge Work
This is the bridge with a copy of the old pattern on it. The new bridge pattern will have corrections made to it to better reflect this particular pattern. The old bridge is NOT the original, is poorly done and needs to be corrected

More to come here
I completely changed the way I notched this bridge. For many years I have observed that bridges notched in the late 1800's and early 1900's were done with a particular shape that I find very attractive. You don't see this as much these days. This does nothing to change the sound of the piano or the function of the bridge. It is strictly an aesthetic.

Exaustive searching, finishing up with a trip to the Steinway factory in NY confirmed that the chisel required must be made. The Swiss chisel in the picture suites the purpose in that the sides are not beveled. the key is inthe shape ofthe cutting edge. Also key is practicing...
The series of cuts required must be detrmined and are different than when usine a "normal" chisel.

I did not practice on your piano.