On arrival to Brussells, we went to this Museum of musical instruments. As interesting as the building is on the outside, it is avery bit interesting in the inside. The piano collection is breathtaking. You can not touch the pianos. There is an interesting twist to this ... More to come..

I took over 400 photo's on this trip. I could have easily have taken 4X that. I did have to save room for the many pianos I would see, so many other things will have to wait for the next trip.
This is a Lords castle. The surroundiong lands were his. I know there are many details you would like to know, names of places and people. I'll get to that info in good time as I collect my thoughts.
This is accross from Taffijn Piano's warehouse. They are the distributor of Samick pianos for that part od Europe.
Even a cloudy day looks great.
How often do you think to photograph a roof?
Or an old wall?
Or things on the wall?
An old door.

One of so many old doors.

The architecture is stunning.

I took this picture at midnight, hand heald, 1/15 of a second exposure so I didn't have to use a flash. I may have jiggled just a bit.
Another hand heald exposure at a 15th of a second

We had dinner in this approx 600 year old square. It is a humbling feeling to be amongst this history and the people who work very hard to preserve it.